Editorial Services

As an established marketing and communications agency, we deliver a full range of copywriting, copyediting and proofreading services.

Bring your story to life with professional copyediting services

Supported by professional content development, graphic design and strategic marketing services, businesses of all sizes and authors of all levels can be assured we will help their ideas get published or printed.

Whether you need help proofing your website pre-launch, polishing first-draft brochure copy or editing a manuscript, it’s important that we understand your vision and concept.

Consider these questions:

  • Why is this project important to you?
  • Who do you believe will respond to your products, services, book, or concepts?
  • How will you use this collateral, website or manuscript to enhance your business or career goals?
  • What makes your idea or your business different?

Professional Copyediting Services:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Editing – standard writing tools, overall flow and order, areas for improvement
  • Copyediting – consistent style rules, grammar and punctuation, revisions for clarity
  • Proofreading – typos, line breaks, formatting consistency, grammar and punctuation
  • Publication distribution
  • Marketing strategy and tactics
  • Account management

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