What do I need to know about SEO?

With nearly everyone using search engines to locate products or services, it is imperative for every business to establish a competitive presence on major search engines.

A great website is just a Monet in a closet if it cannot be found on the search engines. Knowing how to achieve this at a reasonable cost can be very challenging. SEO is not something that the average web designer can do—and hiring the wrong person will waste your time and money. Hiring a proven Search Engine Optimization Company is the only way to get the results that your business needs. We have proven ourselves as a leader in national and local natural search engine optimization success.

How much will SEO cost us and is it expensive?

SEO is expensive if it does not yield results. edoc is a highly qualified search engine optimization company offering affordable Search Engine Optimization services. Our consistent ability to deliver a positive ROI and our commitment to a true partnership approach make our services an affordable investment.

What can I expect?

For every initiative, we utilize our proprietary SEO methodology, proven strategies and custom tactics. SEO results can be achieved in as little as 30 days of signing a Search Engine Optimization services agreement.

First, we analyze and grade your website to identify any design problems that need improvement. We then spider competitor sites for keyword ideas and consult with you to determine the keywords that will best attract the personality groups that search in your identified business channels.

We also identify competitors’ external links and develop a strategic internal linking campaign. The site is then coded correctly by applying a combination of Google search best practices and years of edoc experience.  

Because SEO is an ongoing endeavor, the second part of the process is SEO maintenance—a monthly meeting during which we review traffic reports (dashboard) and keyword ranking reports. This meeting helps us to identify traffic patterns and keywords that need adjustment. We then make the needed adjustments to drive traffic to every page on your site—and not just the home page or contact page. This gives the site visitor a more relevant and enjoyable search experience, providing us with the ability to rank the site for hundreds of keyword phrases.

Every edoc client receives unique attention to address their specific needs and can expect an increase in traffic with our services.

What is our goal?

At edoc our mission is clear: To achieve the highest possible rankings and greatest amount of key phrases in the client ‘s industry or market. We strive for multiple keyword placements per keyword on the front of the search engines.

Your success is our success. Let’s get as many as we can and drive your competitor off the front page!